SPANISH FLY LOVE DROPS Flavoured Orgasm Libido Horny Aphrodisiac Sex Aid 15 ml

SPANISH FLY LOVE DROPS Flavoured Orgasm Libido Horny Aphrodisiac Sex Aid 15 ml
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Flavoured Spanish Drops For Unisex

1 x 15ml

Spanish Fly has long been a legendary aphrodisiac and for
good reason. 
Place 3ml (7-10 drops) under the tongue 30 minutes prior to
activity and it will make you/him/her feel very, very 
fruity. Increases desire tenfold!

Spanish Drops can be taken by men and women. 

Everybody is different so will need to experiment with the right  number of drops for you. 


Spanish Drops will heighten any desire you already have but it will not create desire where there is none. 

It is an enhancer and works in many but subtle ways.

It is great fun when you get the combination right. It is a 100% safe product.

This legendary love potion has been claiming name and fame for centuries as a lust enhancer.
This immensely popular product is now available in 10 different flavours.
The stimulating flavours evoke more desire, feelings of lust and lift you and your partner to paradise-like sensations.
Spanish Fly Tropical Kiwi for instance tastes like cocktails at the swimming pool,
you will afterwards experience more intense lovemaking and lots of sweet kisses.


Strawberry Dreams 15 ml

Pineapple Pleasure 15 ml

Caramel Fudge Mix 15 ml

Kiwi Tropical0 15 ml

Cola Kicks 15 ml

Raspberry Romance 15 ml

Blackberry Mix 15 ml


Chocolate Sensation 15 ml

Sweei Banana 15 ml


Do not exceed the recommended daily consumption. Avoid contact with eyes or broken skin.

If symptoms persist consult your doctor. 

Nutritional supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.




Keep out of reach of children. 


Store in a cool, dry place.  Protect from sunlight .

Please Read Full Instructions Given On Packaging Before Use



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